About ELM Yoga

I'm passionate about yoga, my journey began with healing myself through yoga as I was going through anxiety and depression. During my journey I felt the need to study yoga and to know more about where it came from and how I could help others too.

I feel truly blessed to be able to share the practice of Yoga with others.

ELM Yoga is a purpose family built yoga studio in Cornwall, with a fabulous view of St Austell bay and offers safe and professional yoga classes suitable for all abilities/levels.

It has a warm and friendly atmosphere bringing the community together :) and the studio was built with love by family members and friends (no builders).

I know through my own personal journey how powerful and healing yoga is and to know that I’m helping others transform their own lives and healing themselves through yoga is just a wonderful experience to be able to share.

I am grateful and excited to share much more :)


  • DSY (Devon School of Yoga) ~ 250hr 18 month Yoga Therapy Course
  • DSY (Devon School of Yoga) ~ foundation course, 68 taught hrs.
  • Kranti Yoga Goa India ~ 200hr Ashtanga TTC.
  • Samadhi Yoga Ashram (world peace Yoga) Rishikesh India ~ 200hr Holistic Yoga TTC.
  • DSY (Devon School of Yoga) ~ 2yr 500hr Holistic Yoga TTC.
  • David Swenson ~ 40hr Ashtanga first series & adjustments TTC.
  • Mandala Ashram ~ Long weekend Anxiety & burnout Yoga course.
  • 70hrs pregnancy yoga TTC ~ Amy Yoga.
  • 30hr Ayurveda for Yoga teachers ~ Falmouth Yoga space.
  • 60hrs Yin Yoga TTC ~ Sampoorna Yoga India.
  • 3hrs CPD Yoga therapy of breathing & breath assessments PT1 ~ The minded institute.
  • 4hrs CPD Yoga therapy of breathing & breath assessments PT2 ~ The minded institute.
  • 4hrs CPD Professional Yoga skills for working with anxiety.
  • 4hrs CPD Professional Yoga skulls for working with depression ~ The minded institute.
  • 4hrs CPD Yoga therapy for addictions introduction ~ The minded institute.
  • 4hrs CPD Trauma sensitive Yoga skills ~ The minded institute.
  • 4hrs CPD Yoga Nidra for mental health ~ The minded institute.
  • Over 600hrs of weekend workshops with world renowned yogis, non certification weekend workshops and paid classes I’ve attended outside my teacher trainings, teachings and personal practices.
  • Over 3300 teaching hours.
  • Plus the hours from my self practice over the years & 3-5day silent meditation retreats.

Related Qualifications

  • 2x live 3 day Awaken programmes with Dylan Ayaloo & a 7 day Awaken 2.0
  • 14wk Shamanism & The medicine wheel foundation course ~ Aho.
  • 4x 13/14hr days Unleash the power within (UPW) ~ Tony Robbins.
  • 3 day Awaken transformation programme ~ Dylan Ayaloo.
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki certification
  • First Aid and Food Hygiene training
  • Qualified in ~ Pre blended aromatherapy massage, Indian head massage, Hot stone therapy massage, Swedish body massage, Pregnancy massage & Baby massage.

I’ve been studying yoga for 8yrs, teaching for over 7yrs and practicing for over 10yrs.

I can provide qualification certificates if needed.

Namaste x


  • ELM Yoga St Austell
    St Austell Business Park
    Saint Austell
    PL25 4FD
  • 07875 400677

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